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We use Cirepil wax by Perron Rigot .  This hot wax is used for specialist waxing (Brazilian waxing and Hollywood waxing) to guarantee a  smooth finish and removal of stubborn hair as short as 2mm.  Non sticky and providing long lasting results - this specialist wax is also Gluten Free, Paraben Free and Cruelty Free.

Cirepil wax provides comfortable hair removal whilst protecting the skin  making it suitable for the most sensitive client.  

Rosie Jenkins Yvonne was great the best and fastest wax I have ever had and didn’t miss a bit!!! I had my 14 week girl with me and although she was crying Yvonne helped me to calm her so I didn’t have breakdown! I won’t be going anywhere else! X


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Our specialist Therapists are trained to the highest level and armed with the best waxing products for all skin types, ensuring a virtually pain-free wax.


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Waxing Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you wax?

For most people  shaving can leave the skin irritable, cause ingrown hairs and has to be done frequently.  A wax appointment is once every 4-6 weeks sometimes longer! Over time with regular  wax treatments hair will become  finer and more sparse

What's the difference between a Bikini & Hollywood wax?

A bikini wax will focus on the removal of excess hair on the side s of the bikini , upper thigh area - think of those annoying hairs that you see outside your underwear! A Hollywood wax is removal of ALL hair around the pubic and buttocks area. A Brazilian wax is the same as a Hollywood but you a left with a "landing strip"

Is Waxing better than shaving?

YES! There are so many more benefits to waxing than shaving. No razer rash and you would have to shave more frequently than you would if you waxed.

When you wax regularly you are removing the hair from the root and weakening it so regrowth is slow (varying from 3-6 weeks)and the hair that grows back is more tapered and fine. Where as shaving leaves you with regrowth that is blunt and coarse (often regrowth appears in a few days) giving the appearance of thickness and a feeling of stubble - sometimes just the day after!

If aftercare advice is followed correctly there should be no damage to the skin after a wax

How long will waxing last?

This can vary from person to person and depends on the stages of your hair growth, but its usually around 3-6 weeks. Every clients skin and hair is different, but usually the finer the hair the longer before you need your next wax appointment. Coarser hairs often grow faster and there is more of it, so it will take a few wax appointments before you start to see the hair weaken and appear a lot finer! So its important not to shave in between your appointments to ensure a good result each time you visit the salon. 

Will there be any irritation after waxing?

Not if you follow aftercare advice correctly. If its your first time getting waxed your therapist will advise you on what you can and can’t do for the next 24 hours after a wax appointment

When can't I get waxed?

Certain skin diseases/disorders could be a contraindication to waxing.  E.g. - if you suffer from severe bruising or haemorrhaging or if you have any recent scar tissue in the area to be waxed. Also some medications that cause thinning of the skin (e.g. some acne medications containing Accutane) may prevent a wax treatment from being performed. So its important that when you have a consultation with your beauty therapist you make them aware of any medical history or medication you are currently taking that may prevent a treatment from going ahead.

Why have waxing done with Yvonne?

Clients always comeback regularly after their first wax at the salon. We aim to make you wax appointment as quick and discreet as possible . Your comfort during the treatment is important .

Is there anything I should worry about?

No. You will be provided with after care advice if its your first visit and we use hot wax on the very intimate areas to avoid aggravation or discomfort during treatment.


Check what our clients say about our waxing treatments 

Amazing first wax tonight with Yvonne, i was so nervous but she made me so relaxed! Very professional and a great chit chat too! Thank you! xxx


Amazing service, Yvonne is fabulous at what she does! No rushing and I was made to feel so comfortable. I’ve had the best results off a wax ever and for the best price too! Would definitely recommend cannot wait to go back.

Courtney Wright

Yvonne was absolutely fab. My bikini wax has never been so painless (which is saying something after 3 months of lockdown). She made me feel completely at ease. Have booked in again already. Thank you!

Rosemarie Hawkins


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