July 1

My Payot Glow Product Recommendation


Anyone who knows me, knows I love  performing facials in the salon.

I love discussing the clients skin concerns and seeing  how we can correct any concerns and improve the skin!

When you have a facial at my salon we will start with a skin consultation and make sure the facial you have chosen is the best one for your skin type (its easy to look on social media or in the glossy magazines and think you need the facial that's currently “trending”...but this may not be the case for your skin and may worsen any issues you currently have).

After your  consultation we will discuss the products that will best improve your skin  and  then you can lie back, relax and let your beauty therapist do the rest!

So with facials in mind, I wanted to showcase my “Product of the month” …I will be doing this monthly as its a great way for me to introduce you to the different ranges PAYOT skincare has to offer as well as show off the key benefits of each product

and, without further a do...My first product of the month is...

My Payot Regard Glow

From the newly re-formulated Vitamin C rich range called MY PAYOT GLOW (with up to 99% naturally sourced ingredients). This eye balm is a 3 in 1 anti fatigue stick. So you’ve guessed it, it has 3 benefits for brightening tired, dull eyes. 

So, what are the benefits of the My Payot Glow range?

  • Reduces dark circles & puffiness
  • Unifies the skin around the eyes for a brighter appearance
  • Decongests the eye contour

Sounds great doesn’t it? but how does it work?

Super fruits like acai, goji berries & pomegranate are powerful anti oxidants, rich in Vitamin C to strengthen the structure of the skin and protect the cells against free radicals that can make the skin appear dull & tired. Your skin will appear brighter and smoother within weeks!

Also, natural pigments in the eye balm mimic the skins natural tone to give a uniform coverage and instantly disguise the signs of fatigue

So think of this as your go to cover up stick that is giving you instant NATURAL coverage but MORE IMPORTANTLY has skin boosting vitamins that are correcting the problematic dark circles and puffiness underneath.

This product has a high percentage of natural ingredients that melt into the skin perfectly, so no sticky residue (perfect under your make up) and then you can apply your day cream as normal.

I highly recommend the My PAYOT REGARD GLOW, especially in the summer months when we are out in the sun a lot more, exposing our skin to pollutants that can damage our skin cells and slow down the cell regeneration process.

This radiance boosting skin balm is suitable for all skin types and retails at £29

The MY PAYOT skin brightening facial is £50 (60mins)


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How often should you exfoliate..?
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