August 12

How often should you exfoliate..?


We do A LOT of waxing in the salon so this is a question I get asked a lot and the quick answer is...not as often as you think!

I hear clients saying they exfoliate daily to remove dead skin from the body because its dry...but what they don't realise is they are continuing to make the skin dry by exfoliating too much...PLUS...they aren’t moisturising enough or at all.

To stop getting ingrown or trapped hairs under the skin, the most important thing to do is moisturise the skin (you know, that thing we all cant be arsed doing? - yes that!)

Exfoliating once a week is more than enough to get rid of any dead skin cells, but after exfoliating , its just as important to nourish and protect that new top layer of skin too. Otherwise, that skin will become dry again very quickly because your skin is just trying to protect itself against external aggressors and the fact that you are continuously removing a protective layer that's not quite ready to be removed.

So help your skin out and smother it in a hydrating lotion that will leave your skin smooth, supple and protected (I'm a bit obsessed with Elemis frangipani monoi body balm). If you are feeling lazy and cant be bothered moisturising after a scrub, I highly recommend Boots sanctuary spa ultimate salt scrub. 

it gives you amazing exfoliation and you don't have to moisturise afterward as the scrub is enriched in yummy smelling oils including sweet almond, jojoba & coconut oil– your skin will feel silky soft  afterwards and any trapped hairs will be ready to wax the next day.

...and yes you can moisturise before a wax appointment. Your beauty therapist will cleanse the area before waxing anyway

So to ensure you get the desired SMOOTH result at your next wax appointment...Exfoliate AND moisturise generously the night before....

And the same can be said for exfoliating the face.. Less is definitely more! Even if your skin is oily, don’t be tempted to exfoliate too frequently, once a week is enough. If you are using a muslin cloth or flannel face cloth daily to cleanse, this action will give your skin the nice gentle daily buffing that it needs for your skin to feel deeply clean, fresh and smooth!


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