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What You Should Know Before Getting Lip Fillers


Lip fillers are a popular procedure for those who want fuller lips. However, before you decide to get them, there are some things that you might want to consider.

What is lip filler?

For some people, the appearance of their lips is not enough. Lip fillers are a way to make your mouth look more attractive and plump by injecting hyaluronic acid or other filler into the area around your lip line for enhanced results.

A lot of celebrities use these treatments so it's no wonder that they're gaining in popularity among all of us mere mortals as well!

The procedure typically lasts less than an hour and feels like having a numbing injection at the dentist’s office with most patients experiencing little discomfort afterwards—though those who have sensitive skin may experience mild swelling for up to one week after treatment. This symptom usually goes away on its own without any medication needed, but there are topical options available if you need them too.

Does getting lip filler hurt?

A lip filler procedure is a quick and painless process that can be performed in the clinic. You will sit comfortably as your physician numbs you topically with either, lidocaine or xylocaine injections  into the area of treatment to ensure it stays numb during the entire time .

The aesthetician then injects hyaluronic acid gel under natural folds where there are not many wrinkles present on your lips for fuller looking lips. When everything has settled down after about 10 minutes, they may apply some petroleum jelly so any minor discomfort won't mar their overall feeling of satisfaction at being able to look better!

Why do people get lip filler treatments?

Every one has their own reason for getting a fuller pout, but some general reasons include wanting to change the shape of lips or filling them out. It's also popular because it makes your mouth look more appealing and natural looking on camera. Some celebrities such as Kylie Jenner swear by this product!

What are the benefits of having lip filler?

Lip fillers are a type of cosmetic procedure that provides fuller, more voluminous lips.

There's no need to overline your mouth in lipstick or spend hours on makeup each day when you can simply get lip injections for the same effect! You don't have to worry about making sure it stays all day because this treatment lasts up to 18 months with one application. It also supports collagen production and helps prevent sagging skin--which is common as we age. 

The best part? No needles involved at any point during the process: only an injection from a syringe will be used just under your upper lip area near where they meet together-no incisions necessary!

Are lip fillers permanent?

Lip fillers are not permanent. However, lip injections can last between 6-9 months before they start breaking down in your body, though some people claim that theirs lasted them much longer than this time period.

Lip injections work by injecting the filler into fat cells below the skin's surface; therefore it does take awhile for these substances to break down because they're contained within tissue rather than outside of it like most other places on our bodies where things tend to degrade quickly due environmental factors which cause decomposition at an accelerated rate!

Lip Fillers and Cold Sores

There are many myths about lip fillers. One of the most prominent is that if you get cold sores, it's not a good idea to go through with getting them because they might spread more easily to your lips via an open wound or cut at the site where your doctor injects filler into your mouth.

This may be true for some people who have frequent outbreaks but there are also plenty of others whose severity decreases when treated with medication such as Valtrex (aka Valacyclovir). Some doctors will even allow those individuals on antiviral medications before injecting their patients' mouths so long as they can show proof in advance!

There still isn't much information available on this topic though until enough research has been conducted. If in doubt, always consult a medical professional before undertaking any aesthetic treatments.

People with allergies to lip fillers or topical treatments should be careful.

Lip fillers are a common cosmetic procedure that can cause severe allergic reactions in people who have had previous negative experiences related to the products used during these procedures or other topical treatments such as make-up, lipstick and glosses.

Your aesthetician will be able to give you advice on the ingredients of lip filler which will allow you to consult with your doctor before undergoing any procedure.

There is no one perfect lip size or shape—everyone has different preferences and expectations. You need to determine what your goals are with the filler and how much time you have to achieve them.

The best way to find out if lip fillers will give you the results that you want is by consulting with an expert in your area about what it can do for your appearance and whether it’s right for your lifestyle needs—and budget! 

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